Murder House Will Never Be The Same

It has been 15 years since the Harmons moved into Murder House and little has changed. Ghosts still haunt the grounds, always looking for a way out of the hell they are trapped in. Some people are still happy together, some are very very sad. But soon a face all to familiar will come walking through the doors for the first time in more than a decade, throwing all the rules out the window. Not to mention all the new souls coming in, just begging to move in forever. 

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Tate Langdon

Violet Harmon

Lawrence “Larry” Harvey

Michael Langdon

Carly Collins

Charlotte Reeves

Ruby Synclare

Troy and Bryan 

Hope Miller 

Katy Bloomfield

Lyssy Collins (FC Alexis Bledel) (Reserved)

Open (Ghosts)

Ben Harmon

Vivien Harmon

Moira O’Hara

Travis Wanderly

Chad Warwick

Patrick Bower

Addy Langdon

Nora Montgomery

Elizabeth Short

Open (Alive):

Constance Langdon

Billie Dean Howard

Open New Family:

Arthur Collins (FC Johnny Depp)

James Collins (FC Ed Westwick)

Gavin Collins (FC Jimmy Bennett)

Rose Collins (FC Elle Fanning)


Please unfollow our old Ben. After no response and no posting in a week, I am sorry to say I am going to open the character again. However, Ben, if you see this and want your character back you may have them. 

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imm4ture-deactivated20120523 asked: ok ok ok wait. i've got lyssy (i think ahh im so tired you have no idea) still, right? I forgot to check back here, I'm so sososo sorry!

No, your fine. She is still yours. And no need to rush, just wanted to check if you were still interested. And yes, you auditioned for Lyssy. :)

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fucking true

Ok, sorry. This is all ooc but it is true.

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aodgoigds i’ll reply to stuff tomorrow, guys! i’m super tired D:

Yea yea, you don’t love us anymore do you? Lol. You’re fine.

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Ruby Synclare was born with the ablility to see those beyond the veil. When she was a baby she was sung to sleep by the ghost of her grandmother, as a child her playmates were twins who had lived, and died, three houses over. Most people thought she simply had an overactive imagination. But the only thing overactive in Ruby’s life was her sixth sense. When she was eleven her parents sent her to a shrink to figure out why Ruby ‘heard voices’ and ‘talked to herself.’ Her parents wouldn’t believe she was actually seeing the spirits of people who had passed on but never gone into the light. She went through several different shrinks, and was in and out of mental hospitals until she was sixteen when she finally ran away from home. 

On her own Ruby began offering up her services to people in order to make a few dollars. Most of the time she lied, it was easier than telling the people she couldn’t actually get a hold of the spirits for what ever reason, and forced them to swallow lies about how their house really was haunted when more times than not a good exterminator would have fixed the problem. And been a lot cheaper than Ruby. But every once in a while she would find something real, a real haunting, hear a real spirit who needs help. But she’s never seen something like Murder House.


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Anonymous asked: Do you accept OC's?

yes we do. just no glee FCs and no Disney FCs

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14sparrows asked: are you accepting new OC's? c:

We are actually. Just send in some ideas, or just post your audition including bio & FC. We don’t accept Disney stars & glee-people. 

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